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The Cessna 206 pictured on the cover (C-FTPN) has been configured with an extraordinary array of extremely accurate geophysical survey equipment. With this highly precise equipment  installed, and the appropriate scientific software, this aircraft is capable of accurately sensing and mapping the location and depth of most underground minerals, ores, gases, fluids, and even unexploded ordinances. With the new vertical gradient double wingtip design and appropriate compensation software C-FTPN has reduced its electrical interference to as low as 0.5 nT (nano Tesla’s) and any aileron noise which once existed has now been cancelled out by the geometry of the pods. A further benefit to the geometry of the pods is the fact that each pod measures the same offsets in that gradient measurement and is now exempt from many external noise sources, which in turn provides a much better indication of the target, its depth, and its estimated position.

For over 45 years Lake Central Air Services (LCAS) has built a strong reputation for quality  service in aircraft maintenance, parts manufacture and distribution, and customer support. We  have a very long history of designing modifications such as aerodynamic performance improvements, increased fuel capacity modifications, avionics and instrument panel re-designs, and in the design and manufacture of Airworthiness Directive correction modifications. We are Transport Canada approved to manufacture aircraft parts and certify aerodynamic products.

Over the years we have gradually worked into the field of performing special purpose installations of surveillance equipment for land and sea, atmospheric monitoring and geophysical survey modifications to aircraft.

LCAS can design, engineer, manufacture, install, and approve survey modifications to your aircraft with our in-house Transport Canada Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR). We currently hold FAA, EASA, Canadian, and Brazilian Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) for modifications covering over 80 different types of aircraft and helicopter makes and models plus many serialized STC’s for other less popular fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

With our success of past modifications LCAS has a proven track record of modifying aircraft and installing equipment in an efficient and timely manner. We also have close ties to survey and surveillance electronic equipment manufacturers and we are able to work with the equipment supplier of your choice to provide you with the desired configuration for your specific task.

With our modern 30,000 sq. ft. facility, Central Ontario location, and specially trained staff we are able to support the needs of our customers. For many years we have been involved in the complete restoration of aircraft, including complete interior and exterior refinishing, engine and avionics upgrades, and modifications for both the piston and turbine aircraft markets.

We are a full service facility capable of providing our customers with a one-stop-shop for all your aircraft needs, including the designation of Inspection Authority (IA) status for our US customers.

Lake Central Air Services holds Transport Canada approval under AMO 195-92 for aircraft maintenance, structural repairs, component overhaul, avionics and auto flight installations, and for the manufacture and certification of aeronautical products.

We look forward to working with you and meeting your specific needs.