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Lektro - Not Just a Tug


LEKTRO, Inc., an electric vehicle manufacturer that specializes in towbarless aircraft tow tractors, recently received approval for their AP8950SDB-AL-200 to tow the Airbus A320 family of aircraft. The OEM certification followed their certification by Boeing to tow the 737 aircraft family last year and allows them to tow the vast majority of the world’s airline fleets. Roughly 80% of the world’s airlines are comprised of narrow-body aircraft like the 737 and A320 families and forecasts show that trend continuing for the next 20 years.

LEKTRO also celebrated the addition of a fifth series of their popular towbarless tow tractor, the AP8360. The newly introduced unit will be capable of handling aircraft up to 15,000 lbs and utilizes the same patented universal nose lifting cradle that LEKTRO tow vehicles are known for. With five series of LEKTROs, there is hardly an aircraft LEKTRO cannot tow in their size range. From single engine aircraft owner operators to airlines, the LEKTRO has proven to be the most maneuverable, reliable, and safe means to tow aircraft.

LEKTRO was founded in 1945 and invented the towbarless towing concept in 1967. Since then, their tugs have become the premier towbarless towing vehicles. They have been certified by Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Dornier, Embraer, Gulfstream, and Pilatus, to name a few. No other towbarless tug is as capable or has as many OEM approvals as LEKTRO’s.

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