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Lower Priced LSA Coming to Sun ‘N’ Fun


After a tough winter in most parts of the USA, spring evidently arrived early with 80-degree temperatures as far north as Minnesota... all before Sun ‘n Fun. More good news: After its coldest winter since the early 1980s Florida is extremely pleasant now, warm with low humidity.

Indications are the economy continues bearing down on Light-Sport aviation.

Confronted with cautious customers, some aircraft producers have tightened their costs and are offering sharply lower prices in time for Sun ‘n Fun.

Flight Design announced its CTLS Lite, which makes two impressive accomplishments.

By slightly trimming the equipment list and making other adjustments, the market leader was able to slice $20,000 off the price, coming in at $119,800. They also cut a most impressive 50 pounds from the empty weight.

Jabiru USA offers two models discounted for a short time. Taking $11,000 off the price of their J-170 brings the base to $85,900. With some nice equipment, it remains less than $95,000. The company’s more spacious J-230 is being offered for $97,900 base and pretty well equipped for $105,000.

All these numbers can be made more affordable through partnering or finance, both of which have good support.

Other observed bargains: SeaMax, a well equipped, performance amphibian for $140,000 range; Aerotrek, still holding a line below $70,000 for their handsome A220/A240; the RANS S-6LS is a value at $63,000; SeaRey kits offer the lowest amphib cost among LSA; and a low-price leader is the X-Air LS for $59,995.

I’m also sure I left out someone deserving, so come to Sun ‘n Fun and find the deal for you. I’ve not seen a better time to buy an LSA.

April 2010 Light Aviation Edition
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