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M-Squared Aircraft, Inc. & APSU

The M-Squared Breese 2: For the low speed enthusiast, this aircraft is certified S-LSA and can be used for flight training.

The Breese 2 comes fully built with a 6 moth warranty on airframe and power plant. The aircraft comes standard with 3 1/8 inch airspeed and altimeter, a 2 1/4 inch compass, Grand Rapids Technology EIS engine information system including dual EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature, CHT Cylinder Heat Temperature, water temp, tachometer, volt meter, total time, Hobbs.

Options include BRS or Second Chance Parachutes, vertical speed indicator, intercom, headsets and radios.



Air Parts Sales Unlimited, LLC
Frank Porter
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
954.675.8436 cell

Light Aviation Edition January 2012

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