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The M-Squared Breese Series Aircraft is Rugged & Fun!

N8TU (ELSA) is one of a line of certified and experimental LSAs built by M-Squared Aircraft. Over 300 are in service today.

In a joint venture with M-Squared Aircraft owner Paul Mather and APSU owner Frank Porter (HKS Engines), CAPT Ray Anderson USN (Ret) set out to demonstrate that a rugged, proven aircraft like the Breese series aircraft could readily be adapted with the latest innovations in LSA technology without losing its way from the fun of flying.

The product incorporates the new HKS 700T power plant, composite Aerolux propeller, vortex generators, vertical end plates, full span slots, and a miniature glass cockpit with Icom radio, dual Dynon displays and Garmin GPS. Combined with numerous other improvements, it resulted in an aircraft that has a higher gross weight (750LB to 1000 LB), better fuel economy (5GPH to < 4GPH), greater reliability and a stall speed of about 20KTs.

The aircraft received a "Special Award for Innovation" in the Light Sport Aircraft category at Sun 'n Fun 2012. See you at AirVenture 2012!


Light Aviation Edition July 2012

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