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I find it remarkable. Many of you do not. I’m writing about the arrival of video reports on and how that addition has been received. In a phrase: You’re Lovin’ It!

When videographer Dave Loveman first approached me in 2009 about doing videos I was hesitant. I may have been unsure but you spoke clearly and you know what? I like doing them as much as you like viewing them. I recently uploaded several more (we have 122 as of this writing, all free) and I have another 15 to upload plus Dave has many more in process.

No kidding, but I’ve had several people come up to me at airshows and say, “Oh, Hi! You’re Dan Johnson. I’ve watched all your videos.” I try to respond graciously with my thanks for their interest. And... wait a minute! What was that? “Which video did you watch and did it answer questions for you,” I ask?

“I watched all of them,” the person will say. “Say again! You watched all of them? We have more than 100.” The answer: “Yes, I watched them all.”

Knock me over with a feather. That’s quite a few hours of watching LSA videos. And, we keep adding more. I never expected video to become such a big part of my life or You can read how I felt at the start.

I don’t tell this story because I think our videos are a form of fine art, though it’s clear they have a large audience. I tell this story as a way to thank Dave Loveman for his dedication to this form of communication. He and I have now shot over 150 videos but Dave has done far more, posting 500-plus videos to YouTube. Dave is the fellow who does all the hard work of assembling raw footage into a finished video. I know what I do as we create these short videos, but I watch the finished version with keen interest because Dave adds so much more to them including flight scenes, factory footage, airshow footage, still shots, web addresses, personnel titles, and more.

Videos appear here, on Dave’s websites, on YouTube (the world’s second most visited website), and now in a special all-video website called AircraftReporters.TV. This exposes LSA products and services to potentially millions of people. On YouTube alone, Dave’s “ultralightnews” channel has logged far more than three million views.

Dave and I also write articles for print publications even as we publish online. So, when you see Dave and I approach an aircraft, it means we’ll be creating in three forms of media: Ink, Pixels, and Video. We love every minute of it. Hope it shows! Thanks for your viewership.


Light Aviation Edition February 2012

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