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Making the Transition with Breezer Aircraft USA, LLC

Breezer Aircraft USA presents young and dynamic designs in their factory manufactured Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) and their Experimental Quick-Build Kit (E-LSA). Because of their unique design, our aircraft sport excellent cross country, crosswind and performance qualities, otherwise only available with heavier class airplanes. At the same time the Breezer is distinguished by its very docile flight behavior, making it an outstanding aircraft for flight training purposes.

A special hallmark of the German-designed Breezer is it’s cockpit ergonomics; the entire cockpit was designed to make the pilot feel right at home. Breezer II’s quality and clean cockpit design creates a comforting atmosphere. “A pilot that feels better, performs better“. As always we will happily adapt our cockpit or instrument panel design and equipment to meet your specific requirements.

Start flying NOW with Breezer Aircraft USA. We have an aircraft and flight training program designed just for you! We assist everyone from those who have never been in the pilot seat, to those seasoned airline captains with thousands of hours of flying. Our sport aviation programs enhance your aviation experience by being fun, affordable and even customized.

Kit prices start at about $48,000. Please call for specific package pricing.

Professional Builder Assistance available. In 200 hours and with minimal tools, You Too can build a Breezer and fly in style and elegance!

Kit Highlights:

• CNC milled aircraft-aluminum,

• Wings 90% and Fuselage frame already assembled

• Main gear (Fiberglass)

• Nose and main gear wheels

• Electric trim device

• Throttle in the middle section

• Canopy

• 18.5 gallon fuel tank

• Hydraulic disk brakes, brake lever

• Cowling, vertical stabilizer covering, wingtips (Fiberglass)

• Steel parts, set rivets complete

• 4-Point Safety Belts

• Air vents left and right

If you are transitioning to LSA but have

to sell your GA aircraft first - Breezer

Aircraft USA can help!

Breezer Aircraft USA, LLC



Light Aviation Edition September 2011

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