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Making the Transition with Sport Aircraft International, LLC

Jeff Conrad, owner of Sport Aircraft International LLC of Kerrville, Texas recently announced that his company is “back in the air” specializing in the sale of Evektor light sport aircraft both new and used.

Sport Aircraft International was one of the earliest LSA importers and shares with Evektor the achievement of being the first company to receive FAA approval for a Special Light Sport Aircraft on April 8th. 2005.

Another first for Sport Aircraft Int’l according to Jeff Conrad was likely being the first to deliver a light sport aircraft to an end-user, Mr. Guy Reynolds of Martinsburg, WVA on April 10th., 2 days later, at Sun ‘n Fun. Of note Mr. Reynolds was 93 years old at the time. Reynolds flies his Sportstar about 100 hours a year and when Jeff Conrad recently spoke to him he was celebrated his 99th birthday at the controls of his Sportstar. Go’in for a hundred Guy! (note: See Jim Lawrence’s article “Oldest Living LSA Pilot” December 1st: )

Sport Aircraft Int’l has since those early days delivered over 82 Sport-stars throughout North America. In addition to being a comfortable, long-legged cross country cruiser some 25+ Sportstars are operated daily in flight training with some 20 flight schools around the country. The reason for the Sportstar’s early acceptance as a primary trainer according to Conrad was the Evektor Sportstar’s proven history with over 1,000 of them now flying in over 40 countries worldwide. Its superior quality, strength, and serviceability with some of them flying 100 hours a month. Not the least of its merits is it’s docile handling characteristics and operating economics.

Conrad stated, “If you do the math, the US training fleet is likely somewhere north of 100,000 flight hours since its introduction back in 2005. One tough little bird.”

Additionally the Sportstar since its introduction has been continuously improved over the years with the current Sportstar Max and Harmony LSA representing the latest refinements in the line.

“Not just beautiful to look at but the beauty is definitely more than skin deep.” Want to know more about the proven Evektor Sportstar Max or Harmony LSA? Contact Jeff Conrad at Sport Aircraft International LLC:


  • Loaded 2011 Sportstar Max in inventory for immediate sale. Another enroute.
  • Ask about our special yearend pricing. Trades welcome.
  • Attractive preferred flight school leaseback programs also available.

Light Aviation Edition December 2011

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