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The Escapade and Highlander share considerable structural elements including the chromemoly fuselage frame, wing airfoil construction, and engine compartment.

Using the same basic fuselage for both planes means they both have a huge luggage capacity that extends to the tail. The planes can handle a 6’7”+ frame and 300+# bodies. “No problem” with sliding seats and an unbelievable 44” of elbow room. Both planes are available as either nose or tailwheel configuration.

Our very popular Extreme-gear option for the Highlander provides heavy-duty axles to support bush tires: those legs raise the fuselage and widen the track by about 4 inches. And either model can be fitted with floats or skis.

The extra rugged Highlander is a great “Back Country” plane and has been sold in Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Ecuador.

Both planes can be flown with the doors off or the doors and windows open, although a heater can be installed for frigid conditions.

The original Escapade earned the United Kingdom’s BCAR (British Civil Aviation Requirement) Section S structural – and flight – test standards, a testament to the strength of the airframe and their flying traits.

The planes are available as complete ready to assemble kits which take about 600 – 700 hours to complete. Or you may choose various stages of assembly based upon your time demands and pocket book. Some choose to have the factory finish the wings and cover the fuselage which cuts the build time in half. There is also the option of “Build Assist” where for a nominal monthly fee the owner may assemble the plane in the factory with company experts on hand for assistance. An SLSA certified option is also available for those desiring a ready to fly aircraft.

Call Just Aircraft at (864) 718-0320 or email for pricing on the above options.

Light Aviation Edition August 2011

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