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Operate an Existing FBO Business at Battle Mountain Airport


Lander County, Nevada is soliciting competitive resumes or proposals from qualified individuals or companies to operate an existing Fixed Base Operator (FBO) business at Battle Mountain Airport in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

  • The candidate or company will manage, operate, maintain, and develop general aviation services at the airport. Duties will include fueling aircraft, airport management, providing maintenance for the airfield, and other standard FBO services.


  • Piloting skills and knowledge of aircraft mechanics and repairs are a plus but not required.


  • There is a mandatory pre-bid conference on Tuesday, January 12th at 10 am at the airport (1080 Airport Road, Battle Mountain). Call Vicki Clifford at the Lander County Administration Office, 775-635-2885 to reserve a spot.


  • Resumes and/or proposals are due at the Lander County Courthouse, #50 State Route 305, Battle Mountain, NV 89820 by 3 pm, January 19, 2016. Additional details are available by contacting Keith Westengard, Lander County Executive Director, at 775-635-2885.