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Paradise USA

Paradise Aircraft USA is the U.S. partner to Paradise Industria Aeronautica of Brazil. P-1 is a proven light aircraft widely used by Brazilian ranchers and is now a Special Light-Sport Aircraft. Particularly spacious, P-1 carries plenty.

Developed for long flights over Brazilian rain forests with only small strips available, Paradise Aircraft’s P1 looks big for the Light-Sport Aircraft category. Designed around a four-seat configuration with the aft cabin converted to luggage use, P-1 offers more cubic area than most cockpits in light aviation.

You can even pop out the front seat in a few seconds and could stretch out full length overnight. P-1 can easily carry golf clubs or your family pet. Structurally, Paradise finds ASTM standards weren’t difficult to meet.

Conceived and built for a gross weight 300 pounds greater than a Light-Sport Aircraft, Paradise’s P-1 is well within safety margins normal maneuvers. And its impressive 12.5:1 gliding capability offers another margin of safety. General Aviation pilots will find much to like in this easy flying high wing with docile characteristics. P-1 is solid, forgiving, and predictable as they come. In fact, those with experience in America’s favorite high wing planes from Wichita will quickly transition to this nice-flying design from a country with a rich aviation design heritage.

The U.S. operation, based at Sebring airport in Florida, has a close relationship with the Brazilian company. Run by Paulo Oliveira and Christopher Regis, callers will find no language barriers from a team that takes customer care to a new height. You’ll want to meet these two aviation enthusiasts, but you owe yourself a flight in the P-1.

October 2008 Light Aviation Edition

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