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Pilot's Building Lot

1 acre lot is the first one on the right hand side of the east west taxiway exiting the south end of runway 36.

Lot has been graded, fertilized, and seeded with Bermuda grass and is ready for building.

Address for property is 155A Woody Rd., Jackson, Ga. 20233

County water and meter are installed, a savings of $1,500 if installed today.

This is an airport that has daily flying activity and friendly pilots that are always willing to give a helping hand.  Airport Identifier is 62GA. Comm. frequency is 122.9, low intensity light frequency 122.925.

$40,000 for 1 acre lot with county water and clear title.


David Hart
(770) 596-9475


Property Location:
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Property Information

Property Type: 
155A Woody Rd.
Jackson, GA 20233
United States
33° 19' 11.1324" N, 83° 54' 56.3904" W
Property Listed By:
David Hart


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