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Pin-Up Girls

With creative mind Christian Kieffer and his team of 1940s pinup experts, the pinup is back with the essence of a bygone era.

Christian is a photographer with a passion for aviation and WWII aircraft. He acquired 12 flying WWII fighter planes and 12 gorgeous models and put them together in a stunning 12x12 inch 2011 calendar. Christian began traveling to air show events and has become a phenomenon in the aviation community. The work features some of the most exclusive vintage fighter planes on the east coast, including three P-51 Mustangs and other greats like a P-40 Warhawk and a F4U Corsair from the American Airpower Museum on Long Island. They are some of the finest examples, but it is the beautiful pinup girls that have caused quite a stir. It’s not what you think; they are finding that it’s the fact that they bring back a sense of class that seems absent in this media full of sexual imagery. Christian says he’s finding that people are responding in a way he didn’t expect. They love the classy element about it with nothing gratuities or graphic about these portraits and girls that are actually smiling just like the pinups of the 40s. “Maybe it was a happier time and keeping a little to the imagination makes things more sexy”, says Christian. After the success of his images he is now taking his beauties and his frame out to help acknowledge the WWII veterans with photo ops with the girls and stories of their experiences in the war which he posts on the Warbird Pinup Girls website. Christian says he hopes that all will take a moment and thank our greatest generation before they are gone.

On Oct 2 2010 the Warbird Pinup Girls will send a warm welcome to the troops live at the “Hot to Trot” benefit on Long Islands American Airpower Museum; for more information visit Information for the “Hot to Trot” event can be found at For any comments, questions and inquiries the “Warbird Pinup Girls” can be reached at in an exciting interactive website which includes videos of the making of this classic.
Eugene J. Richardson Jr. was born on September 18, 1925, in Cleveland, Ohio. His early education took place primarily in Tolede, Ohio. Dr. Richardson served in the Army Air Corps during WWII. He was a member of the group that became known as the TUSKEGEE AIRMEN. Eugene was living in Camden, NJ., when he earned the status of Pre Aviation Cadet in the Army Air Corps. He entered active duty in October 1943, at Keesler Field, Mississippi for basic military training. In February, 1944 Eugene went to Tuskegee, Alabama for pilot training and subsequently received his pilot’s wings and officer’s commission on March 11, 1945, with class 45A.

John L. Harrison, Jr. hails from Kansas. Grew up in Nebraska and Colorado. Lived in Society Hill for twenty years. Military: 1943 Air Cadet, graduated (Class of 43K) from Tuskegee AAF. During service John was a pilot on all types of planes in the U.S. Air Force. He became “Command Pilot”, highest pilot rating in the U.S. Air Force. Over fifty Pacific Ocean crossings and thirty-five Atlantic Ocean crossings as “MATS” pilot. He lived, stationed and traveled in Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific and Arctic Areas. John retired Air Force Officer - twenty-two years service.

Aviators Hot Line WARBIRDS September/October 2010

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