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Powrachute Open House Invitation

Over the Past few months Powrachute has been making the move to a new facility at the Hastings (9D9) Airport in Michigan. Now that the move is complete they are inviting everyone to an open house. Everyone is welcome including powered parachutes, fixed wings, gyros, helicopters, potential pilots, family and friends.

Stop in and see the factory and how powered parachutes and gyro copters are made. Saturday will be the big day with food vendors on site, New planes to see, and new friends to be made. They plan on flying everything from model RC planes, powered parachutes, gyroplanes, helis and fixed wing planes. Open House will start Friday afternoon May 20th through Sunday May 22nd and promises to be a very laid back event.

There is limited parking for RV’s at the facility. However, there are full hook-ups just down the road at the Hastings Fair Grounds. There are also Motels in the area, for a list contact Galen.

For additional information or questions please feel free to Contact Galen Geigley: