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Non-US citizens can register aircraft with the US FAA though the formation of a Delaware Corporation and Delaware Trust. Our Company specializes in registering aircraft with the FAA for non-resident and non-US citizens.

All aircraft under our Company’s management are registered to US owned Trust Corporations. If there is a lawsuit, it is the Corporation that would be sued and not the individual owner of the aircraft.

To fulfill requirements established by the FAA and fly an aircraft with an “N” tail number outside the USA, the aircraft must be 75% owned by US citizens.

To protect aircraft owned by a non-US citizen and meet FAA requirements, aircraft can be registered through a Delaware Company which is owned by a Trust Structure. By registering aircraft in the State of Delaware there will be:

• No Sales Tax
• No Personal Property Tax
• No Intangible Property Tax
• No Stock Transfer Tax

Aircraft ownership as a Delaware Corporation provides privacy and protects personal assets. Our Company provides all FAA registration and ancillary (including State and Federal) Trust documents, corporate documents, and if requested, Directors and Managers necessary to legally operate aircraft internationally.

By utilizing our professional services you can be assured and feel confident that your aircraft will be properly owned by a US Corporation, be registered in the State of Delaware, and legally protected internationally.

After all, we have been protecting aircraft owners since 1978 and look forward to protecting your interests.