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Quality Products at Alaskan Bushwheel

At Alaskan Bushwheel Inc. we make the quality products you need to get you where you want to go; whether it is the backcountry of Idaho, the deserts of Utah, the Alaskan tundra, your favorite gravel bar for that prize fish or you just need to go check on the ranch. We’ve got what it takes for your airplane to expect the unexpected.

All of our products are FAA approved parts and we have Supplemental Type Certificates available for a number of different airplanes, including the Cessna, Piper, Husky, Scout, and Maule just to name a few.

Our range of products include Alaskan Bushwheel® and Airstreak ™ tundra tires, Maule heavy duty gear and tailsprings, 10” Alaskan Bush Wheels that run with the 8:50 or 29” Goodyear tire & tube combination, tailwheel parts and assemblies that are direct replacements for the Scott 3200 and 3400 series and our ‘baby Bushwheel’ tailwheel assemblies. And those are just the major items we produce, we also have many safety items, logo’d products, and tire treatment products.