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RA Vision Gear

Ra Vision Gear, LLC officially began to offer sunglasses that are specifically designed for flying while wearing a noise canceling headset or a helmet in October of 2010.

These sunglasses are unique in that the frames are designed to be bent to fit the face/head of the wearer for maximum performance and comfort while easily sliding thru the ear pad of the helmet or headset.

The light weight and lack of pressure points on the head allows the user to wear the glasses for extended periods without fatigue and discomfort.

The 100% UVA and UVB blocking lens is made of revolutionary Trivex┬« material that features optical  qualities similar to glass while surpassing the light weight and scratch resistance of polycarbonate lenses. In compliance with FAA recommendations the lenses are non-polarized.

Currently, the only place to obtain a pair of our glasses is thru our website, We offer the choice of Grey or Brown lenses and the glasses cost $289. Domestic US shipping is free and we offer a
one year, no questions asked guarantee and a lifetime defect warranty.

*Trivex is a registered trademark of PPG
Industries Ohio, Inc.