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Sensenich’s 80th Anniversary Prompts Looks Back, Forward

Sensenich Propeller celebrates 80 years in the industry this year, and the company looks back at its beginnings, and especially at its present – and future.

“We have reminders of our founding, when aviation was just starting to blossom,” said Don Rowell, company President. “The depression was crushing a lot of larger companies; work was scarce. This climate was perfect, actually, for entrepreneurs who wanted to make good products for an industry that simply had to grow, and the Sensenich brothers, who had been aviation innovators on a hobbyist scale for years, incorporated.”

With WWII, Sensenich became the world’s largest supplier of wood propellers; shortly after the war ended, Sensenich began making metal props for airplanes, and then added airboat propellers. By the ’60s, UAV props were in the mix.

After extensive research, process development and testing, Sensenich began its composite adjustable production in 1999, and has been adding to the offerings ever since, for engines up to 320 cubic inches (with more in the works).

Still, not everyone knows…

  • That nearly every small classic airplane that uses a fixed-pitch prop has at least one Sensenich propeller available, either as original equipment or as an STC; and that some have four or more.
  • That Sensenich has thousands of designs in its files, and can usually deliver a well-matched prop for just about any appropriate-power Experimental application.
  • That Sensenich composite adjustable props all index their blades automatically – when you’ve set one blade (by pin, by key, or by index mark), you’ve set them all.
  • That Sensenich is the world’s largest supplier to the LSA market, as well as to the fixed-pitch Experimental market.
  • That Sensenich repairs props, and also has some refurbished props for sale, from time to time.