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Skyline Estates

Skyline Estates is a residential community located in Benton and Nicholson Townships in Northeast Pennsylvania.  With 46 properties encompassing over 155 diverse acres, Skyline Estates offers something for everyone.  Mature woodlands and open field pasture are in abundance at Skyline Estates with a few properties having frontage on Lake Sheridan.

Properties range in size from one to over four acres with most lots at more than two acres.  Many properties offer dramatic views of the Endless Mountains with wonderful sunrises and sunsets.  All lots have underground public sewer, electricity, telephone and data communications.  Most lots are located on private roadways.

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Bill Dobitsch
(570) 945-5125
(866) 924-7787


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65 Windsock Ln.
Factoryville, PA 18419
United States
41° 35' 19.158" N, 75° 45' 22.374" W
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Skyline Estates


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