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Tecnam Aircraft, Construzioni Aeronautiche, based in Capua, Italy, and founded by Luigi and Giovani Pascale has been designing and building aircraft since 1948.

Tecnam, the world’s leading manufacturer of light aircraft, currently produces a line of eight single engine aircraft and two twin engine aircraft.  These aircraft are among the top selling aircraft in the world. In addition, their construction of components for ATR, Boeing, Agusta, Falcon, Dornier, and Lear Jet has established them as a major player in the realm of general, business and commercial aviation. Their tradition of excellence, passion for aviation, and commitment to building exceptional aircraft has placed them in a position to lead the charge in the future of aviation.

Tecnam North America, the distributor for Tecnam on the North American Continent, is a division of HOVA Flight Services. HOVA began as a small family owned and operated FBO founded in 1992 that has grown into a multi location, multi state operation now holding airports in both Virginia and  Florida.(KOFP, KGIF, KFCI) After becoming involved with Tecnam as a Dealer in 2009, the role of Master Distributor was attained in January of 2010, and Tecnam North America was born. Tecnam North America currently oversees the dealer, parts, and service network, directs the marketing effort including air show presence for Tecnam Italy, and promotes the overall growth and development of Tecnam aircraft in the United States.

Tecnam saw the benefits of light aircraft long before the Light Sport Aircraft category and rating was devised in the United States. The P92 line of aircraft, which is now the basis for the Echo Classic and Eaglet, for example, was first designed in 1992 for the European market. The Eaglet has become a top trainer in the US with its excellent stability and flight characteristics, making learning to fl y fun and easy.

Tecnam currently offers the following Light Sport Models in the North American Market: P92 Echo Classic, P92 Eaglet, P2002 Sierra, P2004 Bravo and P2008.

Recently, Aviation Consumer Magazine named the Tecnam P2008 its “LSA of the Year”, thus giving Tecnam further credibility in the market. The P2008 is a top of the line LSA refined for individuals looking for the amenities of a larger aircraft while staying in the Light Sport category. This aircraft, together with those mentioned above, one of which has a retractable canopy, gives Tecnam a complete range of LSA models.

Although this venture began as “LSA only” in the North American market, Tecnam recently released the P2006T Twin, which was FAA certified earlier this year. Tecnam’s P2006T Twin has quickly become one of the most popular multiengine trainers around the world and is currently in high demand in the US. The company is currently working on a four-place aircraft (P2010) and 11 seat passenger aircraft (P2012).

With its line of single and muti-engine aircraft currently being produced and those planned for the future, Tecnam is poised to continue its role as a market leader of light piston powered aircraft.

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June 2011 Light Aviation Edition

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