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TL Ultralight Debuts Evolved Sting S4


Not a company to rest on their laurels, TL Ultralight -- represented in America since the beginning of LSA by Sportair USA -- debuted their Sting S4 at the German Aero show in April. Besides developing an all-new high-wing design (the TL-3000 Sirius inset) -- the S4 is the newest generation of the Czech company’s popular low wing, all-carbon-fiber Sting. Sting was the #5 SLSA ever certified and it has developed a solid U.S. following.

TL designers know how to mold smooth lines into their designs, but they have also been dedicating hours of work to further refine one of the more evolved LSA on the market. Here’s a short list of the new developments for the Sting S4:

• A stiffer-framed, better-sealed canopy improves ventilation with a vent port built right in the canopy frame;

• A new instrument panel better accommodates large screen systems like Dynon’s SkyView (lower photo);

• The top of the instrument panel now provides a couple handholds to assist entry/exit plus a central cavity that can hold a few small items;

• Adjustable rudder pedals range 10 inches via an easy control between your lower legs (see in lower left photo in front of joystick);

• Baggage capacity has been increased to 55 pounds, the compartment has been upholstered, and has a cargo net;

• The entire tri-gear has been completely redesigned to provide better shock absorption and ground handling;

• A new engine cowling improves cooling;

• the vertical tail has been enlarged to improve stability; and,

• Manual flaps have given way to easy to-use electric flaps with the controller placed in a slightly enlarged center console.

Pair all these upgrades to the decked out equipment list supplied by Sportair USA and S4 should continue the design’s winning ways.

May 2010 Light Aviation Edition

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