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US Aviation Group Hosts Light Sport Repairman Courses

US Aviation, at Denton Municipal Airport (DTO) in the Dallas area, recently hosted Rainbow Aviation’s Repairman Inspection course for Light Sport Aircraft owners in Denton, TX.

The Airplane Inspection Rating allows holders to perform annual condition inspections on all experimental –lightsport airplanes which the pilot owns.

The course, which was held in August 2012, was certainly a success.

With 24 attendees- two courses were required and a third date, Nov 3-4, 2012, set for a Powered Parachute course.

US Aviation is a factory authorized service center for the maintenance and repair of the majority of Light Sport Aircraft models and provide light sport flight instruction. With the addition of the Light Sport Repairman Inspection Courses, US Aviation now offers full Sport Pilot Services.

“We want to do everything we can to make this training available,” commented Scott Severen, Director of Business Development at US Aviation.

“Hosting this course allows us to help reduce the cost and make it
easier for people to attend,” Severen explained. “USAG’s central location in the United States makes it a prime facility for meeting the need for owners to attend this training.”

Scott Severen was pleased with the demand for the course, “Once the first course filled, a second was immediately opened.” Since there are Repairman Inspection courses for each LSA aircraft class: airplane, gliders, trikes, and powered parachute, Scott plans to host a powered parachute course in November. “We have a great number of Powered Parachute pilots in TX and I would like to see this course made available for this group as well.
Severen has worked closely with Rainbow Aviation to provide this
course. His efforts include: seeking FAA approval for the facility, organizing everything from support tools and supplies to discounts with local hotels for the participants. In addition to the impressive facilities, US Aviation has a professional and knowledgeable staff.

Severen and his staff were key in the success of the course,  providing support and ensuring that the event ran smoothly.  “Our joint efforts will result in participants benefiting from a more accessible and expanded training.

Our companies share a vision for the light sport aviation community.

Based on this shared vision and the expected benefits to each company and our respective customers, it is natural that we would work together,” Severen said.

For more information on the Repairman Inspection Course in TX or for all of your light sport aviation needs contact:

US Aviation Services
Rainbow Aviation Services

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