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U.S. Navy & HondaJet choose BATESFIELD GPU!

It has been a very busy year for BatesField GPU. While many customers purchase only one unit at a time, BatesField GPU had several large orders placed this past year including units utilized by the US Navy for their MK-105 Mod 4 mine sweeping sleds.

BatesField GPU also had their repeat customer HondaJet purchase multiple units that were delivered to HondaJet’s manufacturing facilities in Greensboro, North Carolina.

BatesField GPU normally produces three series (or sizes) of GPU equipment with several options available.

One popular option that is unique to BatesField GPU equipment is their dual input power capability.

Other leading GPU equipment manufacturers do not offer this option. This option allows a user to use their engine driven GPU indoors with full power but without the engine running. Some even will use it when outside but near their building, hence eliminating the noise and dangerous exhaust fumes as associated with engine powered units. Complementing this option is the standard 110/220 volt output that permits items such as vacuum cleaners, portable air
conditioners, flood lights, drills, air compressors, and other tools to be used on the ramp. Many have even used these outlets to open their electrical powered hangar doors during a power outage.

There are many reasons that consumers choose BatesField GPU for their equipment. One reason is their superior method of manufacturing that permits a unit to be much smaller in size and weight. This means lower cost to the customer both initially and over a long term. It also means a unit that can be maneuvered easily by hand or tug.

A BatesField GPU representative may be contacted by calling 405-258-2600. Their web site is