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The Homebuilt Aircraft for Sale directory provides a way for buyers to search specifically for a homebuilt aircraft. Homebuilt aircraft listings include year, make and model, and many have photos available of the homebuilt aircraft itself. Models available within this category include Lancair 360, Super ES, Legacy and Propjet, to name a few. If you are an owner of a homebuilt aircraft and would like it listed in the homebuilt aircraft for sale directory, sign up for an Aviators Hot Line account or if you are looking to buy a homebuilt aircraft, you may sign up for an Aviators Hot Line account and post a Want to Buy advertisement.

Note: The seller location is not always the location of the aircraft. Click each listing for more info.

Aircraft Manufacturer, Make, Model Seller State Year Aircraft Price Path
Europa Classic Monowheel Project Europa Classic Monowheel Project Experimental/Homebuilt|Europa|MONOWHEEL Florida 2003 $28,800 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/europa-classic-monowheel-project
Bushmaster Style Converted Piper Pacer Bushmaster Style Converted Piper Pacer Experimental/Homebuilt|Bushmaster|Bushmaster II Minnesota $65,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/bushmaster-style-converted-piper-pacer
Cirrus VK-30 Cirrus VK-30 Experimental/Homebuilt|Cirrus|VK-30 California 1999 $170,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/cirrus-vk-30
Supermarine Spitfire MK 26B Supermarine Spitfire MK 26B Experimental/Homebuilt|Spitfire MK 26B|Supermarine Texas $275,000 /aircraft/experimental-homebuilt/supermarine-spitfire-mk-26b
Fisher Celebrity Modified Fisher Celebrity Modified Experimental/Homebuilt|CELEBRITY|Fisher Michigan 2009 $32,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/fisher-celebrity-modified
Quickie Xpresso Q2 Quickie Xpresso Q2 Experimental/Homebuilt|Q2|Quickie Aircraft Corp. Alberta 1988 $34,567 /aircraft/experimental-homebuilt/quickie-xpresso-q2-0
Lancair Super ES Lancair Super ES Experimental/Homebuilt|Lancair|SUPER ES California 2009 $199,999 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/lancair-super-es
Lancair IV-P Lancair IV-P Experimental/Homebuilt|IV-P|Lancair New Mexico 2001 Call for price /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/lancair-iv-p
Arion Lightning Arion Lightning Experimental/Homebuilt|Arion Aircraft LLC|Lightning California 2009 $69,999 /aircraft/experimental-homebuilt/arion-lightning-0
Murphy Rebel Project Experimental/Homebuilt|Murphy|REBEL Wyoming $24,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/murphy-rebel-project
Rans S-7 Courier Rans S-7 Courier Experimental/Homebuilt|Rans|S-7|S-7 COURIER Oregon $20,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/rans-s-7-courier
Esqual VM-1 Esqual VM-1 Lightning Experimental/Homebuilt|Esqual|VM-1 Indiana 2007 $65,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/esqual-vm-1-lightning
Zenith CH 750 STOL Zenith CH 750 STOL Experimental/Homebuilt|STOL CH 750|Zenith / Zenair Michigan 2010 $53,700 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/zenith-ch-750-stol-0
Thorp T-18 Thorp T-18 Experimental/Homebuilt|T18|Thorp Colorado 1977 $42,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/thorp-t-18
Tango XR Tango XR Experimental/Homebuilt|Tango XR|Team Tango Maine 2015 Call for price /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/tango-xr
Bushmaster II Bushmaster II Experimental/Homebuilt|Bushmaster|Bushmaster II Florida 1998 $15,000 /aircraft/experimental-homebuilt/bushmaster-ii
Mosquito XEL Mosquito XEL Experimental/Homebuilt|Mosquito|XEL Missouri 2012 $35,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/mosquito-xel
Sonex Onex Sonex Onex Experimental/Homebuilt|Onex|Sonex Arkansas 2014 $25,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/sonex-onex
Vans RV-4 Vans RV-4 Experimental/Homebuilt|RV-4|Vans Arizona 2004 $53,500 /aircraft/experimental-homebuilt/vans-rv-4-0
Murphy Moose SR-3500 Project Murphy Moose SR-3500 Project Experimental/Homebuilt|MOOSE|Murphy Minnesota $73,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/murphy-moose-sr-3500-project
Thunder Mustang Thunder Mustang Experimental/Homebuilt|MUSTANG|Thunder Alabama 2005 $525,000 /aircraft/experimental-homebuilt/thunder-mustang-0
Glasair Sportsman 2 Glasair Sportsman 2 Experimental/Homebuilt|Glasair|SPORTSMAN 2+2 Alabama 2006 $229,500 /aircraft/experimental-homebuilt/glasair-sportsman-2
Zenith Zodiac CH 601 HD Zenith Zodiac CH 601 HD Experimental/Homebuilt|Zenith / Zenair|ZODIAC CH 601 HD Ontario 2003 $19,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/zenith-zodiac-ch-601-hd
Rans S-7S Rans S-7S Experimental/Homebuilt|Rans|S-7|S-7S COURIER Maryland 2006 $52,000 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/rans-s-7s
Zenith CH 750 Cruzer Zenith CH 750 Cruzer Experimental/Homebuilt|CH 750|Zenith / Zenair Florida 2016 $84,500 /aircraft/experimentalhomebuilt/zenith-ch-750-cruzer