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Aviators Hot Line directory of Learjets for sale include the popular Learjet 45 and the Learjet 60. The Learjet 45 is a smaller jet ideal for business travelers, while the Learjet 60 is their newer model whose features make it ideal for corporate travel. Learjet were among the first mass produced business jets on the market and still among the most innovative. Browse our directory and check back often as private owners are constantly listing their Learjets for sale. If you’re the owner of a Learjet and would like to get it listed in our directory, then contact us today.

Note: The seller location is not always the location of the aircraft. Click each listing for more info.

Aircraft Photo Title Aircraft Type Registration Number Seller State Year Aircraft Price
Learjet 31A Learjet 31A N160CF Texas 1998 $795,000
Learjet 45 Learjet 45 N726MJ Maryland 2000 $1,595,000
Learjet 75 Learjet 75 N752R Maryland 2014 Call for price
Learjet 55 Learjet 55 N55NY Maryland 1982 $995,000