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Aviators Hot Line has piston helicopters for sale. If you’re looking for a small helicopter that burns less fuel then you’ll want one with a piston engine. These are ideal for people just learning to fly helicopters or who won’t be carrying a lot of passengers or weight. Aviators Hot Line also has turbine helicopters for sale. If you have a piston helicopter you’d like to sell then list it in our directory. Contact us today to learn how you can get your helicopter noticed by buyers actively looking to make a purchase.

Note: The seller location is not always the location of the aircraft. Click each listing for more info.

Aircraft Photo Title Aircraft Type Registration Number Seller State Year Aircraft Price
Robinson R44 Raven II Robinson R44 Raven II N744RW Georgia 2006 $215,000
Bell 47G Bell 47G N7985A Alabama 1954 $115,000
Schweizer 269C-1 Schweizer 269C-1 N205SL Louisiana 1996 $159,999
Schweizer 300CBI Schweizer 300CBI N815SG Connecticut 2004 $120,000
Robinson R22 Beta Robinson R22 Beta N290KC Texas 1990 $185,000
Hughes 269B Hughes 269B N9390F Michigan 1964 $88,900
Robinson R44 Raven I Robinson R44 Raven I TBA New Brunswick 2017 $380,000
Hughes 269A Hughes 269A N9685F Florida 1972 $119,500
Robinson R44 Raven II Robinson R44 Raven II N157HP Georgia 2006 $225,000
Robinson R22 Beta Robinson R22 Beta N8321P Florida 1995 $115,000