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Aircraft Photo Title Aircraft Type Registration Number Seller State Year Aircraft Price
Beechcraft B55 Baron Colemill Beechcraft B55 Baron Colemill N55RV Florida 1975 $139,500
Aerostar 700 / Machen Superstar II Aerostar 700 / Machen Superstar II C-GNLX British Columbia 1979 $235,000
Beechcraft E55 Baron Beechcraft E55 Baron N55UK United Kingdom 1978 $179,999
Beechcraft D55 Baron Beechcraft D55 Baron N956PA Florida 1969 $149,500
Beechcraft 60 Duke Beechcraft 60 Duke N33LB Florida 1969 Call for price
Cessna 310J Cessna 310J N3111L Texas 1965 $73,995
Cessna 310I Cessna 310I N17U Louisiana 1964 $39,999
Cessna 421B Cessna 421B N421MZ Iowa 1970 $128,000
Tecnam P2006T Tecnam P2006T C-GFAE Alberta 2011 $295,500
Tecnam P2006T Tecnam P2006T C-GEPW Alberta 2011 $295,500
Cessna 414 Cessna 414 C-FZMJ Alberta 1976 $189,000
Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain C-GEOL Alberta 1978 $215,000
Cessna 340A Cessna 340A C-GVUE Alberta 1977 $154,000
Beechcraft B60 Duke Beechcraft B60 Duke N454B Texas 1974 $222,222
Beechcraft 58P Pressurized Baron Beechcraft 58P Pressurized Baron N925TP Texas 1976 $119,999