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Aviators Hotline has Beechcraft airplanes listed for sale in several areas of our directory, including the Twin Piston directory. Since 1932 the company and the aircraft have evolved and produced airplanes for both consumers and the military industry. Models listed for sale in our directories include the Beechcraft Baron, Duchess, and Duke. If you are an owner of a Beechcraft airplane and with to list if for sale in our directory, then sign up for an Aviators Hotline account. If you’re looking to buy you may place a Want to Buy advertisement on our site to reach sellers throughout the country.

Note: The seller location is not always the location of the aircraft. Click each listing for more info.

Aircraft Photo Title Aircraft Type Registration Number Seller Statesort icon Year Aircraft Price
Beechcraft D18S CF-GNR Alberta 1952 Call for price
Beechcraft Baron B55 Colemill N208Q California 1965 $114,900
Beechcraft B55 Baron N117FL California 1979 $180,000
1981 Beechcraft 58P N699BB Idaho 1981 $200,000
Beechcraft B55 Baron N15XL Louisiana 1977 Call for price
Beechcraft 95 Travel Air N8306 Minnesota 1958 Call for price
Beechcraft Baron 95-B55 N15CG New Jersey 1964 $55,900
Beechcraft D95A Travel Air N7983M New Mexico 1966 $82,000
Beechcraft D55 N281S Nevada 1968 $74,500
Beechcraft 58P N117RS Texas 1979 Call for price
Beechcraft 58P Baron N5177M Texas 1977 $185,000
1964 Beech Baron B55 Beechcraft Baron B55 N7934K Wisconsin 1964 $85,900