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Aircraft Photo Title Aircraft Type Registration Number Seller Statesort icon Year Aircraft Price
Cessna 340A Cessna 340A N8711K Florida 1978 $225,000
Adam Aircraft A500 Adam Aircraft A500 N607SF Florida 2007 $475,000
Beechcraft A60 Duke Beechcraft A60 Duke N123NK Florida 1970 $89,500
Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II Piper PA-34-200T Seneca II N5979F Florida 1977 $69,500
Cessna 421B Golden Eagle Cessna 421B Golden Eagle N41114 Iowa 1973 $125,000
Beechcraft A60 Duke Beechcraft A60 Duke N81AG Idaho 1973 $155,000
Cessna 340 Cessna 340 Ram IV N69MB Illinois 1973 Call for price
Cessna 310I Cessna 310I N17U Louisiana 1964 Call for price
Beechcraft A60 Duke Beechcraft A60 Duke N928PT Missouri 1971 $115,000
Piper Twin Comanche Piper Twin Comanche N4767Y Missouri 1964 $65,000
Beechcraft 58TC Baron Beechcraft 58TC Baron N200RT North Carolina 1978 $287,500
Cessna 340A 'RAM IV' Cessna 340A 'RAM IV' N3911G Nevada 1977 $189,500
Cessna 421C Cessna 421C N28RH Ohio 1980 $420,000
Beechcraft C55 Baron Beechcraft C55 Baron N55AE Ontario 1966 $52,000
Cessna 340A Cessna 340A N4287A Pennsylvania 1980 $349,500