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Press Release by Topic Light Sport

15 January 2019 / Eisenach, Germany - After a successful 2018, Flight Design is once again at the top of the SLSA (Special Light Sport Aircraft) “All Fleet” ranking according to the FAA registration data recently published on, the popular website for LSA light kit aircraft and other affordable aircraft.

OSHKOSH, Wisconsin - (October 3, 2018) - Mark Solper of Fort Pierce, Florida, who has long experience in ultralights and a variety of other aircraft types, has been named chairman of the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Ultralight and Light-Sport Aircraft Council. He succeeds Carla Larsh, who is retiring from the post after having chaired that council for the past decade.

Yakima, Washington – May 23, 2018 - Light aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters will significantly increase production of the line of light two-place tandem aircraft it manufactures in 2019.

For many pilots, building their own aircraft just makes a lot of sense. The kit aircraft industry is where you'll find the most innovative light aircraft designs offered anywhere, at prices that make owning and operating your own new aircraft a reality. New kits are much quicker and easier to build than ever before, and give the builder (and pilot) access to the latest engine and avionics technology. Your kit airplane project becomes a reflection of you as you custom build your own airplane with the equipment and features that you choose, such as avionics (instrument panel), engine, paint job, etc.  You have access to the latest technology while you can also choose to install a basic (yet very proven) “old school” engine (such as the Continental O-200) and “steam” gauges.

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Trixy Aviation set maximum safety and maximum mobility at the very top of the criteria list for designing the future of personal transportation in a complex concept named TrixFormer. It is, as a matter of fact, an environmentally friendly, electric driven 2-seat Motorcycle for urban traffic named TrixCycle, which forms the center piece and the heart of the modular concept. This motorcycle is planned to be produced in 2 main designs and many different styles to suit the tastes and the needs of almost any person on this planet.

Mission statement:
The Sport Pylon Air Races was formed to quench the thirst for more Air Racing here in the United States. The (SPAR) CIRCUIT will be somewhat like other races, in the regards that it will be a single aircraft being timed through a course, but that is where the similarity ends.

The new iLevil AW from Levil Technology is a game changer when it comes to safety and avionics selection for non-certified aircrafts.  Similar to its portable version, the popular iLevil SW, this new rugged system integrates an AHRS, 978 MHz ADS-B receiver, WAAS GPS and iPad/Android compatibility using its integrated WiFi technology. However, the iLevil AW introduces three key features that revolutionize the role of portable ADS-B receivers in the cockpit today.

George Karamitis Given FAA Wright Brothers Award — 50 Years Safe!
Temecula, CALIFORNIA / February 25, 2013 — Flying without accident, incident, or citation for 50 years is a major accomplishment, one significant enough for FAA to issue the agency’s prized Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award in a ceremony at Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2013. The honor was given to George Karamitis. For half of those 50 years, George has flown a Quicksilver ... several of them.

Renegade Light Sport goes for an all American Light Sport, “Twist & Shout” aircraft in 2013