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Kris Shipler keeps her late father’s dreams alive in caretaking his stunning plansbuilt Falco F.8L.

For Kris Shipler this Falco is far more than an airplane. It is, 13 years after first flight, still a living embodiment of her father, John Shipler, who constructed it from scratch. And yet this thumbnail sketch is just the beginning of the story, not anywhere near a complete encapsulation. Tucked into a spotless hangar at the Chino, California, airport—why does everything seem to happen at Chino?—this Falco is both flown regularly and maintained to like-new condition by Kris and her husband, Paul, a former auto detailer who obviously knows every trick in the book.

SAN RAFAEL, CA  -   BrightLine Bags, Inc., named “Flight Bag of the Year” by Aviation Consumer Magazine, is the first company to bring thoughtful design, remarkable efficiency and true product innovation to the world of personal and professional Flight Bags.  This bag, initially introduced to the market in 2007, has now become the number-one-selling flight bag in the United States, and is used enthusiastically by recreational, commercial and military pilots in 65 countries world-wide.

The bag is unique because it is the perfect size to hold the exact stuff that everyday pilots carry, it has 25 pockets so that there is a place for everything, and it even splits into two bags for unparalleled versatility.


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