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OSHKOSH, Wisconsin - (October 26, 2018) - Orders are now being accepted for the Experimental Aircraft Association’s new Flight Test Manual, which brings the processes and procedures of professional flight testing to the amateur-built aircraft community.

Covington, LA (April 14, 2015)Globalstar Inc. (NYSE MKT: GSAT) announced its new aviation antenna is now available for use with Experimental Category Aircraft (STC for Part 23 aircraft approval pending), offering pilots the fastest and most affordable satellite communication on the market. Recently completing the launch of its second generation satellites for full commercial service, Globalstar boasts the world's newest satellite communications network, with data speeds four times faster than the competition and unrivaled value. Paired with the Globalstar Satellite Phone (GSP-1700) or the Globalstar Sat-Fi® satellite hotspot, the new aviation antenna allows for voice and data communication while in-flight and completely independent of cellular coverage. Currently, the GSP-1700 is FREE with select airtime plans.