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Press Release by Topic Schweiss Doors

The Budweiser Clydesdales have been known to pull around quite a few kegs of beer in their day. Fast forward to the 21st Century. . . “This Bud’s For You!” and other name-brand beverages, including mixed drinks, wine and soft drinks can now be delivered by TurboTap USA and its sister company, Bar Pods, LLC to locations all over the U.S. and abroad by means of fully contained bars.

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors can now be opened or closed during an unexpected power outage with a remote-operated DC Battery-Motorized back-up control system. All you have to do is simply press “Up,” and your hydraulic door opens. They are also engineered with a no extra cost drill-driven backup system which uses a screw gun 7/16” socket hex head, and hydraulic tractor fittings come standard with each Schweiss Red Power pump hydraulic unit.

Shipping and commercial containers come in many forms and sizes, but many don’t have door accessibility. Even dealing with conventional containers with a door located at the end can be a hassle. Now Schweiss Doors can make any container, whether it be for backyard storage, rail or ship transport, much more user-friendly by fitting it with one or more hydraulic doors on the sides or both ends for increased, easy access.

John Stasny of Silverdale, Washington decided awhile back that he had enough of the four sliding doors on his hangar home. After a bunch of research, which included checking out door manufacturers, periodicals and talking to other pilots and friends he decided a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door was the only way to go.

Before placing an order for a hydraulic or bifold door, have you given any thought to how you would get that big, heavy door open in case of a power outage.

Imagine having a fun family day on the water in your favorite fishing or speed boat. As the sun is
setting or a sudden thunderstorm or high winds force you off the lake, you now have to rush to get
your boat tied up and unloaded.

Schweiss one piece hydraulic and patented lift strap bifold doors have been on the market for years.

For over 30 years Schweiss Doors has manufactured quality hydraulic and bifold doors for all building applications. Schweiss Doors has earned “brand name” recognition in the aeronautical industry, agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors worldwide.

Schweiss One-Piece Hydraulic Doors with Red Power pumps and spherical bearings and patented Bifold Liftstrap/Autolatch are unparalleled in the industry. Schweiss Doors ensures a perfect fit for any building or hangar without loss of headroom. No opening is too big or too small for Schweiss Doors.

Schweiss Doors has once again proven to be a worldwide leader in production of hydraulic and bifold doors, and is proud to announce it has made another unique design improvement to its hydraulic one-piece doors with the addition of “spherical” bearings.