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Press Release by Topic CubCrafters

Yakima, Washington – May 16, 2019: In April of this year CubCrafters received notification from the Federal Aviation Administration that their National Kit Evaluation Team had completed its evaluation of CubCrafters’ Carbon Cub EX-3 amateur-built aircraft kit.

Yakima, Washington – August 30, 2018: CubCrafters announced that its top-of-the-line aircraft, the XCub, has secured type certification from Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA). The approval allows the company to begin deliveries of both land and seaplane versions of the aircraft to Canadian buyers immediately. A Type Certificate was also issued for the XCub by the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB), and the first XCub delivery has already landed there.

Yakima, Washington – June 5, 2018: Light aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters announced a change in senior leadership today as it continues to advance the company’s plan for long-term growth. Patrick Horgan, CubCrafters’ executive in charge of operations and product development, has been named President. Horgan has recently focused on increasing the company’s manufacturing capability and productivity; this promotion reflects Horgan’s record of successes at the company.

Yakima, Washington – May 23, 2018 - Light aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters will significantly increase production of the line of light two-place tandem aircraft it manufactures in 2019.

Yakima, Washington – April 6, 2018 - CubCrafters announced today that its flagship aircraft, the XCub, was recently awarded type certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The certification acknowledges compliance with all EASA airworthiness and environmental requirements, thereby clearing the way for XCub to enter into service on the European register.

Yakima, Washington – March 26, 2018: Light aircraft manufacturer, CubCrafters, has announced FAA certification for the installation of Wipline 2100 floats on the company’s XCub. Both amphibious and seaplane versions of the floats, built by Wipaire, Inc., have been approved and are now part of the XCub’s Type Certificate.

Yakima, Washington – December 28, 2017: Light utility aircraft manufacturer, CubCrafters, is pleased to announce that the company now accepts BitCoin, as well as other popular cryptocurrencies, as a payment method on orders for new and pre-owned aircraft, and aircraft kits.

Yakima, Washington – November 22, 2017: Light aircraft manufacturer, CubCrafters, is introducing two new variants of the company’s hugely successful Carbon Cub model, the Carbon Cub EX-3 and FX-3. The Carbon Cub EX-3 is an experimental amateur built (E-AB) kit, and the Carbon Cub FX-3 is the company’s FX (Factory eXperimental) builder assist version. Both feature CubCrafters’ new, more powerful, fuel-injected engine, constant-speed propeller, and higher 2,000 lb. gross weight limit.

Yakima, Washington – January 2017: CubCrafters has announced two new transponders for Carbon Cub buyers who select the company’s Executive GLASS touch instrument panel, which includes Garmin’s G3X Touch 10.6” flight display system. The new transponders, Garmin’s GTX 335R and GTX 345R, both include an integrated WAAS/GPS position source enabling ADS-B “Out” functionality. Thus, all new Carbon Cubs equipped with Executive GLASS touch panels will fulfill NextGen requirements for ADS-B compliance.

Yakima, Washington – September 29, 2014: Light aircraft designer and manufacturer CubCrafters has partnered with Aerocet to offer amphibious floats specifically designed for CubCrafters’ CC11 airframes, which include the popular Carbon Cub SS, Sport Cub S2 and Carbon Cub EX kit models. Aerocet’s Model 1500 Amphibious Floats represent an entirely new design approach for the company and feature an all-carbon fiber hull for light weight (only 245 lbs.) and durability.