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Press Release by Topic RANS

Tuesday through Saturday (July 24-28) at Airventure Oshkosh 2018, join Randy Schlitter, Eddie Gil, and fellow builders at 10:00 a.m., and see how easy it is to build a perfect rudder for your new S-21 Outbound.  You’ll be finished before lunch!

Randy Schlitter, President of RANS Aircraft and the designer of the S-21, said, “We are expanding the standard fuel capacity of the S-21 from the original 32 gallons to 45 (including the header tank). Currently, the wing kit sells for $7500; starting July 1, the new price will be $8300, but for existing orders (and new orders placed before the end of June -- with a $2500 early-bird deposit), we will include that capacity upgrade.”

Hays, Kansas: The FAA has signed off, and RANS Designs can now supply the Raven, factory-built and ready to fly, with engines from 80 to 180hp, as an SLSA. The S-20LS Raven carries pricing starting at $119,000.


Important Updates happening at RANS Designs

RANS Designs is happy to announce the S-20 Raven has passed a battery of static load test and the final version of the airframe is entering full production. Testing of the fuselage included Vertical and Horizontal stabilizer, rudder and elevator, control system, and landing gear.

RANS is proud to announce the availability of an engine install retro kit. This new install features a sleek fiberglass or carbon fiber cowling. With no more rad louvers on the top cowl, the new design has a reverse scoop on the belly, and radiator under slung. The benefits are better cooling from a smaller, lighter radiator, less cooling drag, and easier engine maintenance. Without the large top-side mounted radiator, the carbs are now easier to access. The under-slung radiator naturally fills without air entrapment.