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Press Release by Topic Aviation Insurance

January 8, 2018 - As the calendar year turns, we often reflect on what has changed and what remained constant. At Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR), the year of 2017 welcomed many new clients and maintained quality relationships with the old. Over the years AIR has grown from an emerging small business to one of the top aviation insurance brokers in the nation. What’s even more remarkable is that many clients have been with us continuously from the beginning. That’s almost 19 years!

"Pilots Insuring Pilots"

Bob and Lee Blankenship, owners of Lima Bravo Aviation Insurance Agency, are thrilled to announce their 2nd Business Anniversary, October 2017, and want to thank all of their customers for helping make this Agency a SUCCESS!

Oshkosh, WI June 25, 2016 – Leading aircraft insurance broker, Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR), announced today the finalist in their inaugural “Get into the AIR” aviation scholarship. The competition was fierce but the AIR scholarship committee ultimately decided on an aircraft dispatcher that stood out from the rest of the applications, Caitlin Lyons.

When surveyed, 96% of Pilots admitted they would fly more if aircraft rental was easier. 28% of Pilots find it too difficult to find airplanes, while 51% of Pilots don’t rent because they hate checkouts. There has to be a better way…