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April 3, 2019 - Wichita KS – Chipper Aerospace (a Belite Enterprises company) has responded to the demand for an easy-to-build ultralight and has introduced the Chipper SS (Single Seat). Building on years of experience in innovating aircraft design and build techniques, James Wiebe, Belite/Chipper’s President and CEO, has been able to give builders a simple and affordable, yet high performing aircraft that can be built as either Part 103 or Experimental.

May 17, 2018 - Wichita KS - The Chipper STOL, a two place EAB aircraft kit from Belite Enterprises, is now available with a metal wing option.  This option substantially reduces build time, reduces drag, improves performance and will improve the resale value of Chippers.

April 11, 2018 - Lakeland FL – Belite Enterprises “Chipper” experimental 2-place aircraft arrived at Sun 'n Fun today, and is being shown with numerous upgrades and improvements.  Prominent is a new metal skin feature for the wings, along with a Big Bore 114HP engine performance upgrade from Edge Performance of Norway.

Come to Aircraft Spruce for you favorite Belite products. Belite’s Radiant instruments combine many functions into simple and small, lightweight units. Belite has created these new units with one specific feature in mind: persistence. The Radiant Instrument will display the last 30 minutes of fuel level information graphically along the current fuel level, providing pilots with the ability to look at information on displays screens, to ensure a safer flight. Radiant Instruments are designed for a standard 2.25” cutout, using up to 100milliamps of power from a supply of 8 to 14 volts. All instruments are dimmable.