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Press Release by Topic Chiway Group

April 10, 2018; Lakeland, FL - Wayman Aviation Academy's fleet of 31 aircraft has grown by two Cessna C-172 Jet-A aircraft, offering Continental diesel power. The academy, established 31 years ago, has one of the largest fleets for pilot training in South Florida. Wayman has chosen to start this transition to take advantage of the important benefits brought by engines using the Diesel cycle. The fleet utilization and availability are enhanced by the proven reliability of compression ignition engines burning Jet-A and the reduction of scheduled maintenance operations. Furthermore, it allows more environment-friendly operations due Jet-A engine’s lower emissions (CO2) than AVGAS using unleaded fuel. According to Wayman, “South Florida is an environmentally conscious place with miles of beautiful beaches and the expansive Everglades. We need to do our part in the flight training industry to participate in its it preservation.”