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Mexico, Missouri, April 17, 2015: Mark Spencer, founder and CEO of Avilution, an aviation technology company that develops innovative software solutions for aircraft systems, wanted to build a showcase and flying platform for his software. He needed a well-known Experimental airframe that had plenty of room and plenty of predictable performance, and he needed it fast.

Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma is an FAA approved repair station (#RV3R829L) rated in Class I and Class II aircraft accessories. Our company also has a limited rating for aircraft propellers and NDI.

AOPA Insurance Services is preparing to bring to market an innovative new kind of policy that takes the risk out of maintaining a full-time flying career.

Samson Motors has posted a new Progress Page detailing the work to date on the left wing, and the shift over to the right wing to continue the build while we machine the metal brackets and beams necessary for the wing swing mechanism. Work should really pick up speed once we are done with the wings, as we have much of the rest of the vehicle already worked out and we can put more builders onto finishing the body and tail. You can access the Progress Page at:

AERO Friedrichshafen - April 15th, 2015 - ONE Aviation Corporation has been formed to design, develop, and manufacture a family of aircraft, each of which will be a market leader in its category and class. ONE Aviation's core products include the Eclipse 550 twin-engine light jet and the Kestrel K350 single-engine turboprop.

BEND, Ore., April 15, 2015 – With over 1,200 drawings approved, structural testing in full swing, and the first conforming prototype scheduled to fly this spring, Epic Aircraft is pushing hard to achieve Type Certificate for its E1000 model by year end 2015. The company confirms it currently has over 60 reservations, with initial customer deliveries targeted for early 2016.

London, 16th April 2015: Shell was voted the ‘Best Aviation Fuels and Lubricant Brand’ by the readers of aviation magazine, Aerokurier. In their survey, Shell Aviation came out as the top brand in the ‘aviation fuels and lubricants’ category with 45.7% of the votes. One of Germany’s bestselling aviation magazines, Aerokurier, conducts the ‘Best Brand Awards’ via an online poll and voting by postcards among its readers, 75% of whom are pilots.

Sandersville, GA, April 15, 2015: ULPower, source of four- and six-cylinder experimental aircraft engines of 97 to 200 horsepower, has named Ray Lawrence, A&P, IA, to head the ULPower Southeast Service Center. This is the first factory service center in the US.

Covington, LA (April 14, 2015)Globalstar Inc. (NYSE MKT: GSAT) announced its new aviation antenna is now available for use with Experimental Category Aircraft (STC for Part 23 aircraft approval pending), offering pilots the fastest and most affordable satellite communication on the market. Recently completing the launch of its second generation satellites for full commercial service, Globalstar boasts the world's newest satellite communications network, with data speeds four times faster than the competition and unrivaled value. Paired with the Globalstar Satellite Phone (GSP-1700) or the Globalstar Sat-Fi® satellite hotspot, the new aviation antenna allows for voice and data communication while in-flight and completely independent of cellular coverage. Currently, the GSP-1700 is FREE with select airtime plans.

Kamenz, GERMANY / 14 April 2015 — Last fall, Flight Design GmbH, manufacturer of the popular CT-series of Light-Sport Aircraft, promised to fly its new, certified four seater called C4 by the opening of the Aero Friedrichshafen show. On Friday, April 9th, the development team achieved their goal. The weekend was spent reviewing initial results (see below) and preparing to set up at the event that starts April 15th.