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November 21, 2014, Sebring, FL— Paradise Aircraft LLC of Brazil has leased 5000 square foot hangar to launch their US manufacturing and distribution operations at Sebring Regional Airport (SRA) December 1, 2014. 

Mobile, Alabama, November 24, 2014 –Continental Motors Group Ltd, (CMG) an AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC Intl’) company is pleased to announce that it has received approval from the US Government and has completed its acquisition of Southern Avionics and Communications, effective November 21, 2014.  In the near term, CMG will continue to operate the avionics and aircraft interior business under the name Southern Avionics and Communications while the operations and employees are integrated with Continental Motors Services, Inc. (CMS).

An update from the Samson Switchblade team...

We are getting close to the final assembly of the wing, with both the main spars and the auxiliary spars now completed.  The main wing spars, or main beams, run the length of the wing from tip to body intersection, where the spars are connected to the wing folding mechanism.  The auxiliary spars run from the body intersection toward the tip, but stop roughly half way, and are used to stiffen the area next to the body that experiences the largest bending loads from the wing.  Most spars run continuously through the body and out the other side, connecting both wings as one.  Our spars can't, for obvious reasons on a folding wing.

Saturday, December 20, 2014
5 pm Visit with Santa
6:30 pm Dinner
Reservations Only Please
Heaven's Landing Clubhouse

Since 2007, The Abingdon Co. has been the premiere producer of pilot watches designed by female aviators. Each watch has been designed by women who fly, ensuring the timepieces provide as much functionality as they do fashion. The company was born as a result of the difficulty in finding a woman’s aviation watch. Recognizing that women in the world of SCUBA face the same dilemma, the company is responding by producing its first in a line of ladies’ dive watches.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday - November 21st, 22nd & 23rd - Palm Spring, California.

Schweiss Hydraulic Doors can now be opened or closed during an unexpected power outage with a remote-operated DC Battery-Motorized back-up control system. All you have to do is simply press “Up,” and your hydraulic door opens. They are also engineered with a no extra cost drill-driven backup system which uses a screw gun 7/16” socket hex head, and hydraulic tractor fittings come standard with each Schweiss Red Power pump hydraulic unit.

Since 2000 there have been 82 Helicycles take to the skys.  During that time the fleet of Helicycles has logged over 8000 hours of flight time.  One Helicycle has reached 1100 hours and is still going strong, and there are many other Helicycles with several hundred hours on them.   

Geneva, Switzerland on November 17, 2014 – Continental Motors Group (CMG), an AVIC International Holding Corporation company, is pleased to announce the grand opening of Zulu Flight Training (Zulu) in Geneva, Switzerland on November 6, 2014.  This is the second location and first international location for Zulu, a dual-site flight training model with a simulator based curriculum located in convenient, high population centers.  CMG has successfully operated its prototype site located in Spanish Fort, Alabama for two years.  Like its predecessor, Zulu-Geneva includes a simulator training center with integrated aviation/pilot store in a city center that feeds pilot trainees to the more remote airfields for the aircraft based portion of training.

Mobile, ALABAMA / 10 November 2014 — Light-Sport Aircraft market leader Flight Design is nearly ready to fly its new four seat C4 aircraft and in final preparation sent a team to Continental Motors manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama. The two companies have been working closely on the project.