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The Light Sport Aircraft for Sale directory provides a way for buyers to search specifically for light sport aircraft. Light sport aircraft listings include year, make and model, and many have photos available of the sport aircraft itself. Models available within this category include American Legend Al-1115, AL-1121 and AL-1015, Cessna Skycatcher 162, Czexh Aircraft Works Sportcruiser, Gobosh G800XP, Gobosh G700S, Eveketer Sportstar, Remes GX, and several Tecnam models, including the P2004 Bravo, P2002 Sierra and P92 Eaglet. If you are an owner of a light sport aircraft and would like it listed in the light sport aircraft for sale directory free of charge, sign up for an Aviators Hot Line account or if you are looking to buy a light sport aircraft, you may sign up for an Aviators Hot Line account and post a Want to Buy advertisement free of charge.
Aircraft Manufacturer, Make, Model Statesort icon Year Aircraft Price
M-Squared Breese 2 Light Sport|M-Squared Alabama $17,500
Sting S3 Light Sport|S3|Sting Arkansas 2008 $94,500
Sport Cruiser Light Sport|Czech Aircraft Works|SPORTCRUISER California 2009 $126,000
American Legend Cub AL-3 Light Sport|AL3C-100 OPEN COWL|American Legend Florida 2013 $142,500
American Legend Cub AL-3 Light Sport|AL3C-100 OPEN COWL|American Legend Florida 2012 $119,000
Liberty XL2 Light Sport|Liberty|XL2 Florida 2008 $79,000
Flight Design CTsw Light Sport|CTSW|Flight Design Florida 2006 $75,000
1998 Sky Arrow 1450L Sky Arrow 1450L Light Sport|1450L|Sky Arrow Georgia 1998 $75,000
Sky Arrow 600 Sport Sky Arrow 600 Sport Light Sport|600|Sky Arrow Georgia Call for price
FA04 Peregrine FA04 Peregrine Light Sport|FA04 Peregrine|Flaeming Air Georgia Call for price
Jabiru J230-D Light Sport|J230-D|Jabiru Illinois Call for price
Evektor Sportstar Light Sport|Evektor|SPORTSTAR Nevada 2005 $72,500
AMD Zodiac CH601XL Light Sport|AMD|CH 650 XL|Zodiac Nevada 2006 $53,500
Alto Light Sport|Alto Ohio 2014 Call for price
2011 Evektor Harmony Evektor Harmony Light Sport|Evektor|Harmony Ohio 2011 $117,000
Evektor SportStar Max Light Sport|Evektor|SPORTSTAR Ohio 2010 $115,000
Evektor Harmony Light Sport|Evektor|Harmony Pennsylvania Call for price
McCulloch J2 Light Sport|J2|McCulloch Pennsylvania $14,500
BDC Aero Puma Light Sport|BDC Aero|Puma Qu├ębec 2013 $145,000
Arion Aircraft Lightning LS-1 Light Sport|Arion Aircraft LLC|Lightning LS-1 Tennessee 2013 $109,000
Evektor Sportstar Max S-LSA Light Sport|Evektor|SPORTSTAR Texas 2013 Call for price