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Aviators Hot Line has turbine helicopters for sale. If your company needs a helicopter to conduct business or if you’re a pilot looking to buy one, then look through our extensive directory. We have helicopter for sale from Bell, Augusta, and McDonnell Douglas. If you’re looking for a smaller helicopter then look through our directory of piston helicopters for sale. If you have a turbine helicopter to sell and would like it to be seen by potential buyers throughout the world, then contact us today.

Note: The seller location is not always the location of the aircraft. Click each listing for more info.

Aircraft Photo Title Aircraft Type Registration Number Seller State Year Aircraft Price
Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145 T2 Airbus Helicopters H145 / EC145 T2 N3MC Colorado 2016 $8,630,000
Bell 407 Bell 407 N282KM Florida 2007 $1,995,000
Airbus Helicopters EC130B4 Airbus Helicopters EC130B4 A6-MTM Maryland 2007 $1,695,000
Robinson R66 Robinson R66 N3366L Georgia 2011 $675,000
Agusta A109A MK II Plus Agusta A109A MK II Plus N56BK Georgia 1985 $750,000
Bell UH-1L Sealord 6 Bell UH-1L Sealord 6 N155TL Idaho 1969 $440,000
Agusta A109S Grand Agusta A109S Grand A6-MSM Maryland 2006 Call for price
Sikorsky S76C+ Sikorsky S76C+ N767P Maryland 2005 Call for price
Bell 206L-4 N339MG Texas 2002 $1,975,000
Airbus Helicopters EC135 P2+ Airbus Helicopters EC135 P2+ 3A-MCR Maryland 2008 $2,895,000
Airbus Helicopters EC155 B1 Airbus Helicopters EC155 B1 CC-AGL Maryland 2012 Call for price
Robinson R66 Robinson R66 N7035L Georgia 2014 $715,000
Airbus EC135 P2+ Airbus Helicopters EC135 P2+ TC-HGA Maryland 2013 $3,495,000
Robinson R66 Robinson R66 N660LH Georgia 2014 $825,000
Airbus Eurocopter EC145 Airbus Helicopters EC145 TC-HJB Maryland 2006 $1,950,000