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AAR Aircraft Services

6501 South Meridian | Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) | Oklahoma City, OK, United States 73159

About AAR Aircraft Services

AAR Aircraft Services Provides – Full FBO Services - 24/7
• Fueling and de-fueling
• Lav Service, Oxygen,  De-icing
• Aircraft Maintenance
• Air Starts/GPU
• Tie Downs or Quick Turns

Charter Support
• Air Stairs, Baggage Loaders, Passenger Handling
• Large Commercial and Business Aircraft
• Large Lobby with Ample Seating
• Conference Room,  Audio-Visual Equipped
• Customs Service, Bus Loading and Unloading

Crew Services
• Pilots Lounge, Workout Facilities,  Crew Showers
• Flight Planning, Weather Room, Snooze Room
• Hotel Discounts, Shuttle, Car Rental, Crew Car
• Catering, Ice, Coffee and Free Popcorn
• Easy  Access to Commercial Flights

Unicom: 130.05



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