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Avpro, Inc.

900 Bestgate Road | Annapolis, MD, United States 21401
Phone: (410) 573-1515

About Avpro, Inc.

Avpro's results come from our commitment to exceeding each and every client's expectations whether in aircraft brokerage, acquisition or consulting. We do not provide aircraft management, charter services, or other unrelated aviation services. We believe that most companies do one thing well, and that we are no exception.

Bottom line - when your company brings a request to Avpro, our only goal is fulfilling it. If you are looking to buy a specific type, size or brand of aircraft, we find it. If you want to sell your existing private, business or corporate jet for the highest possible market price, we will locate the buyer. If your business jet is down for maintenance or you are waiting for delivery of a new aircraft, we will tailor a lease solution to meet your needs. We never seek compensation until the transaction is completed to your satisfaction. We match aircraft to client specification and asking price in a professional and timely manner that lets your company get back to what it does best. Your business.


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