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About Banterra Aircraft Finance

Banterra Aircraft Finance offers competitive aircraft loans to meet your aviation needs. With Banterra, we are not a bank that just wanted to add another service to our lending division. We are a bank with a team that is passionate about serving customer’s financial needs, with an aircraft financing team that has a passion for aircraft. Some of Banterra’s Aircraft Finance team have more than 35 years of aviation experience, and while some companies may have executives that own a plane, we have executives like our Aircraft Finance Manager with more than 39-years as a pilot and more than 32 years of experience in aircraft financing, and a Chief Credit Officer who has been flying since he was 17 years old. And that’s just part of your team.

We understand how much you want to own a plane, because we love flying as well. We can help you get there, whether it’s owning a plane for the first time, upgrading, or simply refinancing your current aircraft loan.


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