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About Core Aviation Group, L.C.

Core Aviation Group is a conglomerate aviation retail and wholesale vendor that provides items for aircraft owners, pilots, and mechanic shops. Recent combinations of pilot ground school courses, and engine overhaul services have set us apart to offer services to pilots that are beyond the scope of other retailers. Very few vendors can provide the unparalleled service that we have in addition to the extremely competitive pricing structure that we offer to all of our customers.

At Core Aviation Engines and Accessories, we think that all of our engines should be not only be an exceptional display of craftmansship, but additionally should show that. This is why we insist that our engines are meticulously rebuilt from the inside out!  Not only have customers said, "Wow, what a beauty, I feel bad getting it oily!", but also "How can anyone ever get a product like this dirty?". Our workmanship shows!


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