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About Acme Nanotechnology

Nano technology (nano tech) is the groundbreaking technological process of manipulating matter at a nano scale, the scale of molecules.

One nanometer equals one-billionth of a meter. At this invisible level, familiar materials develop different properties.

Research and development of these manipulative properties has led to a booming Nano Tech industry estimated to be worth a trillion dollars by 2015 according to the National Science Foundation.

Manipulating molecules results in stronger, smoother, more flexible, cheaper and smarter materials.

This nano tech process is changing the world by offering tangible commercial products to both the private and business sectors, such as aircraft polish.

Vx Speed Spray is a hydrophobic polish made with Nano technology to provide a highly protective finish with excellent shine. It contains nanoparticles which fill in microscopic pores on painted as well as bare surfaces. This product does not contain any wax, silicone or Teflon and the finished coat is less than 100,000th of an inch thick resulting in no weight penalty and no change in shape.

The product was originally designed as an aircraft polish and can add up to a 4% reduction in drag, resulting in an increase in performance or higher efficiency. But the product has a wide variety of uses. Putting it on your vehicle will allow water to bead on your windshield, as well as add shine and help keep the surface clean. Using it on touch screen devices will help with fingerprint residue as well as make a hydrophobic barrier. But this is all only the beginning, contact us to learn more about how Vx Speed Spray can help you.


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