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10050 A Hwy. 90 W. | St. Elmo, AL, United States 36568

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Now built as an S-LSA in the USA by M-Squared Aircraft

The most fun you can have in an aircraft!

The utimate STOL

M-Squared Aircraft of Mobile, Alabama and Zenair Ltd of Midland, Ontario  have join  in the production of the certified version of the STOL CH 750 aircraft.

Production of the ready-to-fly STOL CH 750 Light Sport (LS) aircraft will resume. Finishing of the STOL airplane will take place at M-Squared facilities in southern Alabama (near Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico) from assemblies manufactured by Zenair Ltd.

Paul Mather, founder and CEO of M-Squared is excited about adding the all-aluminum LSA design to his company’s current line of “tube & fabric” light aircraft designs: “We have always been impressed by this innovative STOL designs. As an established LSA manufacturer, M-Squared is ideally positioned and equipped to produce of the popular Light Sport CH 750.

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Paul is an accomplished 40+ year veteran of the aviation industry and has accumulated much knowledge and know-how for what is now known as Lightsport and Ultralight aviation.  Paul's company developed and manufactured the strut supported airplanes where wire bracing was the norm at the time for these airplanes.  His innovations have produced very strong, stable and reliable aircraft for his industry.  M-Squared's aircraft with the Rotax 912 are still the strongest aircraft in their class capable of carrying 16 gallons of fuel with two large flyers with ease.

M-Squared subsequently developed the Breese 2 which utilized the Rotax 582 for those flyers who did not require the more rugged airplanes.  There are hundreds of his airplanes flying worldwide today.


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