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Plane Schemer

4070 Main Street | Altoona, AL, United States 35952-8606
Phone: (256) 490-1541

About Plane Schemer

A love for aviation and design is what drove me to start Plane Schemer. I found my calling in the aircraft painting industry and realized the overwhelming sense of satisfaction upon the completion of a project. This feeling of accomplishment is what drives me to always keep moving forward. Every aircraft is a unique canvas and another chance to convey personality, class and style. I love to create unique designs that are just as unique as the customers themselves by blending ideas and concepts into stunning works of flying art.

I am constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve Plane Schemer, going the extra mile to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction on every scheme. Contact us today to see what we can do for you on your next project!


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