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Post date Title Aircraft Type Year Engine Hours Price Limitsort icon Additional Info
03/25/2014 Late Model Mooneys, Rockets & Bravos Wanted
  • Piston SingleMooney

Seeking Late Model Mooney, Rocket & Bravo aircraft.

(941) 504-5296
04/04/2014 Piper Comanche Wanted
  • Piston SinglePiperCOMANCHECOMANCHE

Seeking a Piper Comanche with Good Times & No Damage History.

Contact Darcy Kaapke
(800) 426-8783 or (815) 229-5112


04/04/2014 Beechcraft A-36
  • Piston SingleBeechcraft36 BONANZAA36 BONANZA

Seeking a Beechcraft A-36 with Good Times & No Damage History.

Contact Darcy Kaapke
(800) 426-8783 or (815) 229-5112

09/02/2014 Cessna Citation Sovereign Wanted
We exclusively represent a well qualified U.S. acquisition client ready to immediately purchase a Citation Sovereign.
  • Sub 100 Serial Number
  • U.S. Registered & Based Aircraft Preferred
Call or email us today if you own or exclusively represent a Citation Sovereign:


10/01/2014 WANTED: Cessna 206
  • Piston SingleCessna206

WANTED: Cessna 206 under $200K, Ready To Go. Immediate Cash Buyer. Call Bob Larsen * 570-748-1000 or

10/01/2014 WANTED: Early C-90 A or B
  • TurbopropBeechcraftKing Air C90

Early C-90 A or B. Ready To Go. Immedite Cash Buyer. Call Bob Larsen * 570-748-1000 or

10/02/2014 Dassault Falcon 900EX Wanted
  • JetDassaultFALCON 900FALCON 900EX

Immediate Buyer for a Falcon 900EX.

Later serial number and lower total time preferred.

(303) 444-6766
10/28/2014 Seeking Various Aircraft
  • Piston SingleCessna120

Looking to purchase the following (but not limited to) Antique, Classic, Experimental, Biplanes aircraft...

Skybolt, Hatz Classic, Bucker, Bird, Fleet, Cessna 120/140, Luscombe, Clip Wing Cub, Etc.

Please call or email with information:
Steven Miller
(630) 816-8825
12/16/2014 E90
10/20/2014 C Mitchell Beeson
1970 - 1985 0-1500 $60,000.00 USD