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Post date Title Aircraft Type Yearsort icon Engine Hours Price Limit Additional Info
03/25/2014 Late Model Mooneys, Rockets & Bravos Wanted
  • Piston SingleMooney

Seeking Late Model Mooney, Rocket & Bravo aircraft.

(941) 504-5296
04/04/2014 Piper Comanche Wanted
  • Piston SinglePiperCOMANCHECOMANCHE

Seeking a Piper Comanche with Good Times & No Damage History.

Contact Darcy Kaapke
(800) 426-8783 or (815) 229-5112


04/04/2014 Beechcraft A-36
  • Piston SingleBeechcraft36 BONANZAA36 BONANZA

Seeking a Beechcraft A-36 with Good Times & No Damage History.

Contact Darcy Kaapke
(800) 426-8783 or (815) 229-5112

10/01/2014 WANTED: Cessna 206
  • Piston SingleCessna206

WANTED: Cessna 206 under $200K, Ready To Go. Immediate Cash Buyer. Call Bob Larsen * 570-748-1000 or

10/01/2014 WANTED: Early C-90 A or B
  • TurbopropBeechcraftKing Air C90

Early C-90 A or B. Ready To Go. Immedite Cash Buyer. Call Bob Larsen * 570-748-1000 or

08/31/2015 Bellanca Scout Wanted
  • Piston SingleBellancaSCOUTSCOUT

Seeking a used Bellanca Scout with Metal Spar in Mid-Time Condition.

Phone: (517) 861-2073

09/23/2015 Mitsubishi MU2s Wanted
  • TurbopropMitsubishiMU

Mission Air Inc., a not for profit company is doing Research and Development for modifications to improve the performance and handling characteristics so it will be more pilot friendly and can be used for Humanitarian Missions.

We are seeking an MU2 (any make or model) that you would be willing to allow Mission Air Inc. to use for this project. (A great tax benefit is available) or if you know of one that is not being used much or any, please contact Mission Air Inc. at or call 615-585-7765.

09/28/2015 South Florida Hangar Space Wanted

Hangar Space Needed in South Florida!  From Fort Pierce, FL down to Boynton Beach, FL!  Will share space. Less than $350/month • 561-339-7493 •

11/20/2015 Mooney M20M Bravo Wanted
  • Piston SingleMooneyM20MM20M BRAVO

Seeking a Mooney M20M Bravo - any year, equipment and time.

Lewis Travland
(432) 837-1848

11/20/2015 Enstrom 280FX or F28F Wanted
  • Piston HelicoptersEnstrom280280FX

Seeking an Enstrom 280FX or F28F.

Lewis Travland
(432) 837-1848

01/15/2016 Bombardier Global 5000 Wanted
  • JetBombardierGLOBAL 5000

We Have an Exclusive Client Ready to Buy the Following Aircraft
Signed Exclusive Acquisition Agreement
Our Client Pays our Commission
Seller will contract directly with our client
No Financing Requirements

Requirements Preferred:

  • Non-Vision Cockpit/Classic Global 5000
  • Divided Aft Cabin (Hard Bulkhead)
  • Gross Weight Mod
  • No Damage History
Contact Phone: 
(303) 444-6766
Contact Email: 
10/20/2014 C Mitchell Beeson
1970 - 1985 0-1500 $60,000.00 USD
01/13/2016 Light Sport Aircraft wanted
  • Light Sport
2000 - 2017 less than 1000 $50,000.00 USD Looking for good condition light sport, low wing, tail dragger, 2 place. open to many options. Must be in good flying condition with annual.